Adamas Diamond Corporation has been manufacturing diamond and color gemstone jewelry to the jewelry trade for well over 3 decades.  While other companies joined the unfortunate trend to ship their manufacturing departments overseas, Adamas Diamond has stood firm in our commitment to manufacture fine quality diamond jewelry right here in the U.S.A.!

Now more than ever the importance of being in control of our own destiny plays a major part in the success of our business.  Manufacturing our own products allows us to be able to be more responsive to customer needs giving us the ability to correct or improve our product as the need arises insuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Known for our basics and our "southern hospitality", Adamas Diamond Corporation set the bar early in this industry for fine quality and great service.  As we continue into the future we are certain of one thing - we refuse to lower our standards by offering a less expensive sub-standard product.

As a true manufacturer we always "go the extra mile" whether it's a special order, one item or a large order - we will deliver!  Adding to the integrity of our products is a full line of promotional support available to you by way of flyers, flyer programs, postcards, posters and more.

Adamas Diamond is one of the most trusted names in jewelry manufacturing today.  From our skilled artisans on the bench to our friendly experienced sales team, Adamas Diamond has their eye on the ball and will continue to earn your respect, your trust and your business!

Adamas Diamond Corporation